Is your interest peaked, but you aren't so sure you are a good fit? Book a discovery call with me and let's chat! I'd love to hear more about your story, answer your questions, and determine what package might be the best fit for you. I can't wait to talk!


Services are offered in 3-month and 6-month packages


Initial visit (60 minutes)

weekly follow ups (45 minutes)

Food logging & messaging access 24/7 via Healthie portal

Add ons: 5-10 min check-ins

Intuitive & mindful eating


Do you want to be an intuitive eater? Studies have shown that intuitive eaters have healthier BMI, mood management, body satisfaction, increased self-awareness and self-compassion, and greater satisfaction in life! Our bodies are in a constant fight to be balanced, to find thier equilibrium, to be in a homeostatic state. Dieting and restricting only counters the natural processed and systems your body is working so hard to balance! Intuitive Eating, however, works with and for your body to promote health and life! I want to help you get there!

*Gut health and hormone support is also included in this package as you grow and learn to nourish yourself according to your specific nutrition needs.

Prenatal nutrition support

*As of June 2019 I will be a part of A Brighter Birth collective to prepare, empower, and support women through their pregnancy journey. More info to come on this exciting venture. Please contact me if you are interested to learn more!

As a woman, you know how important it is to care for yourself through nourishing foods. You are a very complex, ebbing and flowing, intuitive being. Now that you are pregnant, you may have questions or concerns about your nutrition. This is a whole new chapter of your story as you not only have to think about sustaining yourself, but also your sweet baby. I want to help you care for yourself as well as the precious cargo you’re carrying. Focusing on nutrition during your pregnancy will not only help your baby grow strong and healthy, it will also help support you through the pregnancy, birth process, and into postpartum. Your time of pregnancy is special. I want to help you nurture your health, the health of the baby, and give you guidance to cultivate lifelong, nourishing habits as you grow your family.