Meet the gal behind Wild Glow!


Here’s the story…

I suffered from anorexia and countless GI, hormone, and dermatological issues for longer than I wish to remember. This was further complicated when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease when I was 14 years old.

This double whammy had me for a tail spin into a deep pit of darkness I never thought I would make it out of.

But, fortunately, I did. I’ve experienced extended healing post-recovery, more than I ever thought that I’d could.

I’ve dedicated my personal and professional career to help as many individuals as I can to work through the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys, of their journey to health and healing.

Why? I know that there is fullness of life to be experienced, free from the worry and fear that we have somehow “ruined” our bodies. Our bodies are far more resilient than we give them credit for. My “why” is that you can attain a wild glow that tells a story of strength and freedom.

I know how important it is to have a safe space to foster your healing – be it from an eating disorder, chronic dieting, or just the complexities of life! I want you to experience fullness of life. To not be held back by obsessive, anxious, worrisome thoughts about your body and wellbeing. I believe that food is both functional AND enjoyable and that it should never be all consuming and scary.

And that’s why I’m here.

I can’t wait to meet you - let’s talk!

What is Wild Glow?

Wild Glow is a shame-free, judgement-free, rule-free, restriction-free nutrition practice that believes in the human body’s innate ability to regulate and heal itself when you learn to listen closely to its callings. Wild Glow is a place for you to find resources whether you are suffering from intestinal distress, hormone imbalance, and chronic dieting, or if you are an intuitive eater or wanting to become an intuitive eater. I follow a non-dieting nutrition approach that allows you to have freedom in your food choices. I believe that your journey to health is complex, non-linear, and full of ups and downs, but that it can be full of joyful eating and living along the way! I am committed to supporting you through the process - the peaks and valleys, and everything in between.


Redefining “health” through food curiosity, intuition, and science for disordered and discouraged eaters to promote food freedom, complete mind-body-soul healing, and a fuller life.



I believe in the importance of a holistic approach to health, focusing on emotional health, physical health, and a healthy thought life.


I believe in a willingness to try new things, to be an explorer, and to ask oneself hard questions while seeking real answers.


I believe in the freedom to be exactly where you are in your journey to health, free from shame, guilt, and judgement. I believe that everyone can experience freedom from food rules and restrictive behaviors.


I ultimately desire that you experience autonomy to carry out intuitive eating and live a life free from personal shame, guilt, and judgement of your food choices.